School at Home Adventures – Portland Homeschooling Resource

School at Home Adventures – Portland Homeschooling Resource

One of the best parts about homeschooling in Portland is the huge number of cultural and other events for learning and entertainment.  However, ticket prices for some of these things can be steep, and sometimes these events are more fun with a group.  That’s where Kim at School at Home Adventures comes in!

My girls and I have been fortunate to attend several of the events Kim arranges for groups – everything from a couple of nights at Great Wolf Lodge to the Oregon Ballet Theater.  As a homeschooling mom herself, Kim understands the benefits of community and friendships.

Below is the information we received from Kim about School at Home Adventures.

Carolyn Groves

School at Home Adventures

“My name is Kim Railey. I run the group School at Home Adventures. I organize group activities in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR and all of the surrounding areas. I do this for families who homeschool, unschool, or have chosen an alternative way for their children to learn.

I started setting up field trips, classes, trips, and getting group discounts to plays, Broadway shows, and more years ago when my two kids were young. I wanted to expand their life beyond the walls of our home. In the beginning, I only set up field trips to the places where my own kids wanted to go, but realized very quickly that this was a big need for families who school at home.

One very important part of being in charge of your children’s education is being around others who do the same. To go on field trips, to classes or outings with other families is a great way to form friendships and get the encouragement you sometimes need. It makes our journey all the better!

My hope is to bring families together for a stronger, happier, “school” life!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Kim Railey ~




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